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Cut your Janitorial Costs!
Franchise cleaning companies are costing you thousands.
There are many Franchise cleaning/janitorial companies in the Cincinnati area. They operate as the sales and legal department for sub-contractors.

Here's what they do. They come and sell your company their service. You would expect their company would be the one cleaning your facility. It just so happens they contract with an outside company and they do the work at your facility.

Why is that good to know? Simple, you are paying the above franchise top dollar and they simply take 40 to 50% off the top and the sub-contractor doing the work gets whats left. So in reality you just paid almost double the cost your project should have cost you.

To make matters worse the fanchise charges the sub-contractor for giving them your job.

You can cut your costs by not hiring a franchise company and hiring a company who will not over charge you and care about doing your job right!

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Interesting fact one:
Franchise cleaning services cost you up to 40% more than a family operated cleaning service?
Interesting fact two:
Franchise cleaning companies hire sub contractors to perform their work at your property?
Interesting fact three:
You can cut your cleaning costs by up to 40% by not contracting with a franchise company!

(513) 286-8628
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